The Sickest Kits That Dropped This Week

If you were “dreaming of a white Christmas,” then this week’s edition of #SickKitFriday is perfect for you: the sickest kits that dropped this week all happen to be working off of white templates. It’s amazing how wonderful a simple shirt can look. Check them out.


Senegal’s home kit for the 2017 African Cup of Nations is truly something special. If they don’t win the entire trophy, they better at least win Best Dressed.

Screen Shot 2016-12-16 at 10.15.04 AM

The kit features a graphic of a roaring lion — one of the symbols of the country — made out of the Senegalese colors and a green left sleeve.

This actually might be one of the best shirts that’s dropped all year. What a way to end 2016.


If you were looking forward to the delightful visual mess that would be a red-and-white-striped Southampton team playing against a red-and-black-striped Bournemouth team on Sunday, the Saints just threw a wrench in that wonderfully horrible dream. But at least the alternative is quite nice; they’ve released a one-off third kit to be worn specially for this clash that is a sleek white version of their home and away template, with the Southampton-red accents coming out in the sponsorship and Under Armor logo.

And don’t worry, it’ll still be paired with red-and-white striped socks.


Hope you don’t like it too much, though — the kit will not be available for purchase. The only way to own this sick kit is to be the single, solitary, incredibly lucky supporter to win Southampton’s giveaway.


To wear this on on the pitch, or a night out on the town? Honestly, the new Club Nacional Umbro 2017 home kit would fit in perfectly in either situation.

club-nacional-2017-umbro-kit (3)

It’s a crisp white polo, made better only by the very subtle Umbro design running down each sleeve. Delightful.


Sick kits were a little lighter in the office today as people took the “sick” part too seriously in the wake of our company holiday party last night.


Feel better, Pete.

S/o to FootyHeadlines for the scoop on these kits.