Top 5 Worst Cristiano Ronaldo’s Moments

KICKTV’s latest Top 5 focuses on the few negative moments of a legendary career. Here, we list the other moments that slightly tarnished C-Ron’s reputation

Let’s be honest: Cristiano Ronaldo has had a pretty darn good career. At the time of writing, he’s scored 532 goals in all competitions, he’e been voted World Player of the Year three times and he has helped his team’s collect four league titles and two Champions Leagues.

Clearly, Ronaldo is a success. But, as you can see in the video above, his career has not been without its low moments. Here are the incidents that narrowly missed out on the Top 5…

Losing 4-0 to Barcelona (2015)

In November 2010, Ronaldo was on the wrong end of Barcelona’s famous 5-0 thrashing of Los Blancos. At that point, he had never scored against the Blaugrana and he endured an atypically quiet game.

The Barca defeat that appeared to hit CR7 the hardest, though, was the 4-0 demolition in November 2015. Aside from one shot on goal that was easily saved, he was virtually anonymous as the Catalonians dominated proceedings.

The Portuguese star was said to be devastated by the result, particularly as it put Barca six points ahead in La Liga, making his second Spanish title increasingly implausible.

The rape allegation (2005)

When an athlete is accused of a sex crime, the accusation tends to follow them for the rest of their careers—whether they are innocent or guilty. It is a testament to Ronaldo’s abilities on the field that the rape accusation that was levelled against him in October 2005 is seldom recalled by fans.

The Manchester United man was questioned by police for six hours after he was accused of assaulting two women in their 20s in the penthouse suit of a London hotel, the night after the Red Devils faced Fulham.

He was arrested but later freed without charge due to insufficient evidence. Ronaldo claimed he had been “stitched up” by the women, who allegedly tried to sell their story to a tabloid newspaper before contacting police.

The Ferrari crash (2009)

In January 2009, Ronaldo was making his way from his opulent Cheshire home to Carrington for training with Manchester United in his brand-new Ferrari 599 GTB. His neighbor Edwin van der Saar was following closely behind on the A538 Wilmslow Road in his Bentley. At around 10.20am, while traveling through a tunnel near Manchester airport, he lost control and his $290,000 sports car crashed into a side wall.

The front edge of the car was demolished and a rear tyre was flat. Some of the wreckage was found 200 yards from where the car came to a stop.

Suffice to say, Ronaldo probably wasn’t driving at 30mph.

Incredibly, the tricky winger emerged from the wreck completely unhurt and actually went to training as normal. But that moment when he lost control and jeopardized both his health and career served two purposes: It would have scared the cr*p out of him, and it would have served as a warning sign that his glamorous career could be over at any point.

It also made it pretty hard for the 23-year-old footballer to get car insurance.

The missed penalty in the Champions League Final (2008)

Cris finished the 2007-08 Champions League campaign as the competition’s top scorer, capping a magnificent season in which he was also won the Ballon d’Or, the European Golden Shoe and Premier League Player of the Year.

In the Champions League Final against Chelsea at Moscow’s Luzhniki Stadium, he opened the scoring. When the game eventually went to penalties, Ronaldo went third and did a cocky stuttered run-up, allowing Petr Cech to read his movements and save the shot.

The shocking miss meant that John Terry could have won it with his spot kick. But, as you know, he slipped and Manchester United went on to win.

Ronaldo’s penalty miss didn’t have a devastating outcome in the end, but it was an error on the biggest stage which left Ronny feeling pretty red-faced.

All signs suggest that his penalty taking hasn’t improved with time, as he missed his third of the Liga season last weekend.

The “people hate me because I’m rich and handsome” interview (2011)

To be honest, Ronaldo has never been famous for his modesty. He’s clearly his own biggest fan and his rampant self-belief drives him to achieve new levels of excellence.

CR7’s arrogance may have taken a step too far, however, when he spoke after a Champions League match with Dynamo Zagreb in 2011. In response to jeers he was receiving from the Croatian fans that evening, he said:

“[People are envious of me] because I’m rich, handsome and a great player.”

Ronaldo may be one of the most well-loves athletes on the planet, but this comment didn’t exactly make the haters hate him any less.

The Ruud van Nistelrooy training ground fight (2006)

Ronaldo openly admits that he is not great friends with all of his Real Madrid teammates, but he has had some high-profile clashes with colleagues in the past.

In 2006, he had a training ground bust-up with Ruud van Nistelrooy, after the Ducthman accused him of “showboating” during a practice match.

A few months later, the pair fought once again, with Van Nistelrooy telling Ronaldo to “go cry to his dad” after a spat. He was referring to his close relationship with coach Carlos Queiroz, but the comment was particularly insensitive as Ronaldo’s real father has passed away a few months previously.

The fallout caused major concern for Sir Alex Ferguson, who was forced to take sides on the matter, leaving Van Nistelrooy out of a squad to face Charlton in May, which prompted the striker to storm out of Old Trafford.

The terrible TV commercials (2013-present)

Ronaldo has enough money to keep his family in luxury for generations, but he’s still happy to star in some bizarre commercials for extra cash. Here he is promoting a weird mouth exerciser in Japan:

Here he is shilling headphones in a commercial that features some excruciatingly awkward nodding-along-to-music at the end:

Here he is showing you how to get abs with an absurd-looking machine that he definitely doesn’t use:

And here he is selling Internet connections to the good people of Israel:

A post-football career in acting surely awaits…